The ThinBlueLineUK was absolutely delighted to be nominated as Northamptonshire Police charity of the year and what better way to start that off than a competition. Chief Constable Nick Adderley announced the competition a couple of weeks ago and the response to it was amazing. Those who entered had the opportunity to win a money can’t buy prize – the opportunity to drive one of the Force’s new Interceptor Vehicles and then to sit in with an advanced police driver to experience a police pursuit and live commentary culminating with the subject vehicle being brought safely to a stop using Tactical Pursuit and Containment – TPAC, also known as boxing in the car.

Many police officers do not get this experience let alone members of the public so it was a fantastic opportunity for a member of the public to experience the thrill and excitement of this type of driving in a safe and controlled environment. 

The winner announced by Chief Constable Nick Adderley on 29th September 2020 was Phil McDonnell and I know that you will have the most memorable of days.

Huge Congratulations from all the team at the ThinBlueLineUK

We also want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who donated as a result of this competition. Your generosity raised £2671 for us and we are absolutely delighted. This money will help us as we develop our charity and support mental health and wellbeing for our police officers.

We want to raise as much awareness about mental health as possible and will soon be launching or first mental health guide. This will help officers recognise the signs that they or their colleagues may be suffering and first steps in how to help. It will also point them to professional services should they require it.

We hope to get this document out to as many people as possible and start to slowly break down the stigma and barriers that prevent some folk talking about this. Mental health can affect any of us at any time and place and can sometimes take us completely by surprise. Knowing how to recognise the signs, knowing how to listen and feeling confident to actually open up and talk to your friends and colleagues can make all the difference.