Mental Health and Well-being. 

Our core aim is to support mental health and wellbeing for the police officers of the United Kingdom. We have provided an initial donation of £7500 to the Police Treatment Centres to support their mental health and wellbeing and counselling programme. This programme makes a huge difference in police officers’ lives and some officers are alive today because of the support they have received. This is why we believe so passionately in this work and why we continue to support programmes like this. Mental health issues are slowly becoming more understood and treatment and recognition is improving.

We want to help. We know that police are somewhat guilty of the “I am grand, I will carry on attitude” but we want to change that. We want officers to speak up without fear when they are struggling. We want them to know that it is ok not to be ok. We understand there are others working in this area and we want to complement that. The more people that we can make aware that there is help out there, the more we talk about it, the more we signpost people to help and the more funding we can give to those organisations that can directly help officers who are struggling the better things will get.

The ThinBlueLineUK will be using its reach to get this message out there. We are currently developing literature, posters showing where people can get help, we want to make ourselves available so that at the very least one person knows that there is always someone who will listen

Personal Testimony

To help understand what effect mental health related problems can have on police officers we are sharing deeply personal experiences. These are anonymous but are published with the full consent of the officers involved. They hope that by sharing their personal story it will help others to begin to recognise the signs that are associated with mental health and to understand that no matter how dark their thoughts can get that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Mental illness…. if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it.


The darkest place I have ever been was inside my own head, and nothing ever scared me more

What does mental health look like?

How about. It’s never a routine call……..