Welcome to our new online presence

We are absolutely delighted to launch our new website. As a new charity we wanted to have a new and fresh website to highlight what we are trying to do. We aim to compliment what is already out there and hopefully add something positive. As a group of trustees we are small but passionate. Each one us is a serving police officer with many years of experience over many different roles and responsibilities. We know the dark side of the job and the effects that can have on those dealing with it. We know that some things will never leave us.

We also know that slowly things are changing and support for officers is increasing across the board. There are many charities out there that directly help officers when things become too much. We will actively support such programmes.

We also want to raise awareness around mental health, help us understand some of the signs that our colleagues or even ourselves may be suffering, Help us to ask the right questions and to actually listen when we ask, not only to the verbal responses but the non verbal – and then where to point our friends so that they can get the help that they need.

To do this, however we need your help.

So how can you help

You can raise money for us in any way you wish, we can provide sponsorship forms and help promote what you are doing across all our platforms. You could become an ambassador and help share our message in your force. You can promote the charity you can reach out to those you know who may be in a position to help. You can support or fundraising balls, The list is endless and the very least you can do is support the page, share our stories and help raise awareness about the very difficult and dangerous jobs our police officers do. You could visit our store and see if something takes your fancy

If you are a company who want to help we would love to chat to you.

Thank you for visiting and please return regularly to hear what we are up to – why not sign up to our mailing list. We promise we will not bombard you with weekly emails that go straight in to the bin, we will only contact you when we have something positive or exciting to share.